Dredging and Wetlands Restoration: Who Pays for Beneficial Reuse?

By Bay Planning Coalition (other events)

Friday, November 15 2013 8:30 AM 12:30 PM PDT

Join us at the final workshop in the Bay Planning Coalition's 2013 Workshop Series, and help us tackle the tough questions about the relationship between dredging, beneficial reuse, and funding:

  • To promote greater trade opportunities and more quality jobs, dredging is critical to the ability to move goods into and out of our ports. There are opportunities to beneficially reuse dredged material, such as the South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project. In order to best benefit the economy and the environment, how should we pay for the placement of this beneficially reused material?
  • Now that the 12 year review of the LTMS has been published, what have we learned and what are we going to do differently in the next 12 years? What are the challenges and opportunities? How will it be funded?
  • How do we both increase the ability for essential dredging to occur and also increase beneficial reuse of dredged sediment?
  • What innovative solutions are being proposed to move and place sediment in cost-effective ways?

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